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TYA 50th Anniversary
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TYA 50th Anniversary

This summer the Trumbull Youth Association (TYA) is marking our 50th anniversary. To mark this milestone we are producing a celebratory concert on June 1st at Trumbull High School. This concert will bring together performers, administrators, creative staff, and volunteers from the past 50 years.


TYA was started as a way to give teens and young adults in town something fun and creative to do during summer evenings. Additionally, it provides them the opportunity to experience the world of theatre while working alongside industry professionals to put together a beautiful production for the entire community to enjoy.

In just five short weeks our students, staff, and volunteers spend countless hours rehearsing, building sets, props, costumes, and more to bring these productions to life. It is during these hours that TYA helps the young people of our community build important life skills such as leadership, teamwork, and creative self-expression while developing life-long friendships.

For this concert we are looking for help with promotion and donations. Promotion can be as simple as hanging a poster in your place of business or helping us advertise on your business social media pages. As for donations, we are looking for goods, services, or experiences that can be auctioned off as a part of our silent auction, as well as, monetary donations to cover production costs. Any donations received above and beyond production costs will be used to purchase theatrical lighting equipment which will benefit both TYA and THS theatrical productions for years to come.

All sponsors and donors will be listed in our commemorative program, and donors over the $250 threshold will be allowed to set up a table in the lobby and interact with the audience before the show, during intermission, and after the show.


With this letter we have enclosed a donation form explaining the different donation levels. As a reminder, any donation made to TYA is tax-deductible. 


By supporting TYA, you help to ensure that this beloved theatre program can continue to thrive.

For more information please reach out to Merial or Mary Joan.


Sincerely yours,



Mary Joan Wright & Merial Cornell

Co-Directors Trumbull Youth Association


PH: (203) 452-5060

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