VOCAL AUDITIONS will be held Tuesday, May 31 from 6:00-9:30PM AND Saturday, June 4th from 11:30AM-4:00PM at Trumbull High School, in the chorus room. You will meet in the auditorium and check in. The link to the signups will be pasted at the bottom of this post. Please show up 10 minutes before your scheduled time-slot. These two dates are VOCAL AUDITIONS ONLY. The dance audition day (MANDATORY) will be...

DANCE AUDITION is Sunday, June 5 from 2:00-6:00PM at Trumbull High School, in the auditorium. Bring tap shoes if you have them as well as jazz shoes if you have them. No flip-flops or bare feet. Wear clothing comfortable to move in. Once again, the dance audition is don't have to be the best dancer (lord knows I'm not!), but Lisa has to see how you move so that you can be placed in numbers accordingly.

CALLBACKS will be Tuesday, June 9th from 6:00-9:30PM at Trumbull High School. Don't know which room yet...because I haven't decided.

SHOW DATES: Wednesday August 3rd (senior show) @7PM, Thursday August 4th @8PM, Friday August 5th @8PM, Saturday August 6th @2PM and @8PM, Sunday August 7th @2PM. TECH begins Saturday July 30th. No absences allowed between Monday July 25th and the end of the show.

***If you have a scheduling problem with any of these aforementioned dates, please email me at (don't send me a FB message because if I'm not friends with you it will end up in my spam folder and I will never see it!) and we can discuss alternative options. Please try to avoid this at all costs.

We do not cut anybody from our summer production. If you audition, you are guaranteed participation - so that takes one worry off the table!

For your audition, please prepare about a minute (give or take a bit) of a Musical Theatre Song or Disney Song...I'm STILL not ready to hear anything from "Frozen." Still traumatized. In all seriousness, choose any musical theatre or disney song...use your judgment and choose something that shows you off to your best, AND do try to choose something that is at least somewhat in the style of the show we're doing. (So something from RENT or HAMILTON would most likely not be an appropriate choice). Bottom line is, make my life easy and don't make me work too hard to see how and where you fit into OUR show. As much as I'd love to do Hamilton, I think the rights won't be available until your graet-grandchildren are adults. Please DO NOT sing anything from The Little Mermaid...I'll be hearing it enough this summer.

****If you would like to prepare more than one song, please do...and you can let me choose which one I want to hear! (You only have to prepare ONE)****

Please have your sheet music in the proper key, have the cuts marked clearly for the accompanist/music director, and most importantly, HOLE PUNCHED AND IN A THREE RING BINDER. Last year I don't think we had a single problem with this, so let's aim for that again!

It's easy for me to say "Don't be nervous" since I'll be sitting on the other side of the table, but I know you will be and you know you will be, so here are a couple of things to consider to help with your nerves:

1. BE PREPARED. The more you practice your song, the better prepared you will be and the less nervous you will feel!

2. TELL YOUR STORY. Use your song to tell your story...make it personal to you; try to find a point of connection between you and the song. For example, if you sang "Part of Your World" (please don't), you may think about what world YOU want to be a part of...where is it that YOU most want to be? And tell me about that using the lyrics of the song.

3. I'M YOUR FRIEND. I want to see you do well...I'm on your side! I'm your cheerleader (without the mini-skirt...not that guys can't be cheerleaders too...and they can even wear mini-skirts if they want...). So come in and own the space! The more energy you have, the happier I'll be!

WHEW. That was a long post. But don't you feel better now?

Here is the signup:…/1DFXax5VdNCxu0mFqCwS69WJvxm…/edit…

See you all there!


Little Mermaid Vocal Audition Signups

Sheet1 Thank you for signing up to audition for TYA' s summer production of the The Little Mermaid! Please sign up for one slot only on either of the two audition days. We will be seeing 7 people per half-hour. Please come about 10 minutes…

 EMAIL:   PHONE:  203-452-5060